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Students interested in focusing their research on dietary ecology are welcome to contact me about pursuing graduate work in my lab. While I certainly do not require that my graduate students conduct their research at my field site, The Tuanan Research Station, I do encourage it. That said, I am always interested in students taking a comparative approach to better understand diet selection and its consequences in primates. I am open to students conducting research on any species as long as they ask interesting research questions related to feeding ecology that overlap with the general research theme of my lab. Most importantly, I expect my graduate students to develop their own question-driven, and innovative research project for their thesis and have the ability to think and work more independently.

Prospective graduate students who intend on working in my lab can apply either to the Department of Anthropology or Ecology and Evolution. If you are interested in conducting graduate work in my lab, please read some of the recent publications from my lab and consider what aspects of my research program interest you most. Contact me by email or call me.

Graduate Student Shauhin Alavi collects data in Indonesia.


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