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    • headshot_erin_vogelErin R. Vogel, Principal Investigator

      Research Interests: behavioral, morphological, and physiological adaptations to diet; behavioral and physiological responses to variation in food availability; optimal foraging theory; primate socioecology

      Click for more on Dr. Vogel’s RESEARCH or BIO

    • Postdoctoral Fellow

    • headshot_wendy_erbDr. Wendy Erb, Ph.D. Physical Anthropology, Stony Brook University: 2012

      Research Interests: patterns and functions of male vocalizations in primates. Wendy started as a postdoctoral fellow in our lab in 2013. She is working closely with our Rutgers and UNAS team to promote sustainable forest management and biodiversity. She is also examining if long-calls given by male orangutans are an honest signal of health.

      For more information on Wendy please visit her WEBSITE.

    • Current Graduate Students

    • Photo on 6-2-18 at 4.49 PM #2William Aguado, B.A. Anthropology, University of California Santa Cruz; M.A., Anthropology, Iowa State University

      Started doctoral program in Evolutionary Anthropology: Fall 2018

      Research Interests: primate behavioral ecology, primate evolutionary ecology, plant-primate interactions, parasitology, diet and nutrition

    • headshot_elizabeth_ballareElizabeth Ballare, B.S Biology, Montclair State University

      Started doctoral program in Ecology and Evolution: Fall 2011

      Research Interests: how nutrient availability affects individuals/populations in various regions; conservation and rehabilitation of wild orangutans through investigation of nutrients of injured/sick orangutans as they enter into sanctuary/rehabilitation centers through hormones/enzymes found in urine and in hair.

    • headshot_timothy_bransfordTimothy Bransford, B.S. Environmental Science, Baylor University

      Started doctoral program in Evolutionary Anthropology: Fall 2012

      Research Interests: Tim’s research interests revolve around the basic question of how the availability of resources in an environment effects the behavior of a primate individual or population, and then how that can be applied to conservation practices. While Tim is interested in all resources, he will more specifically be looking at the availability of energy and nutrients to orangutans.

    • Rebecca head shotRebecca Brittain, B.S. Anthropology, M.S. Biology, Grand Valley State University

      Started doctoral program in Evolutionary Anthropology: Fall 2016

      Research Interests: Rebecca is monitoring the digestive and energetic contributions of gut microbes to wild Bornean orangutans across their unpredictable and variable nutritional landscapes. She is also interested in the intersection between the gut microbiome and immune system function, health and disease, micronutrients, and phytochemicals.

    • headshot2_alysse_moldawerAlysse Moldawer, B.S. Biological Anthropology, The George Washington University

      Started doctoral program in Evolutionary Anthropology: Fall 2013

      Research Interests: Physiological indicators of stress in wild orangutans and the influence of home range quality on orangutan health

    • Didik Prasetyo, B.S. Biological Biology, Universitas Nasional Jakarta; M.A. Biology, University of Indonesia

      Started doctoral program in Ecology and Evolution: Fall 2013

      Research Interests: Variation in foraging behavior of orangutans during the rehabilitation and release process; how food availability affects orangutan foraging behavior, diet selection, and physiology. Competition over food resources among frugivores

    • Past Graduate Students

    • headshot_shauhin_alaviShauhin Alavi, B.A. Anthropology, University of California Davis

      Doctoral program in Evolutionary Anthropology: Fall 2012 – Fall 2018 (Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Davis)

      Research Interests: cognitive ecology; spatial modeling, primate behavioral ecology, population dynamics, ecophysiology, nutritional energetics, plant animal interactions, biotelemetry

    • Current Undergraduate Students

    • Irene Fedyshyn (Research Assistant)
    • Zaid Saud (Lab Manager)
    • Tanner Yuhas (Senior Thesis)
    • PhD Dissertation Committees

    • Mareike Janiak (Ph.D., Rutgers University, in progress)

      Stan Kivai (Ph.D., Rutgers University, ABD)

      Emily Aronoff (Ph.D., Rutgers University, ABD)

      Susan Coiner-Collier (Ph.D., Rutgers University, ABD)

      Nancy Moinde (Ph.D., Rutgers University, 2014)

      Lisa Danish (Ph.D., Rutgers University, 2014)

      Luca Morino (Ph.D., Rutgers University, 2013)

      Madeleine Hardus (Ph.D., University of Amsterdam, 2012)

      Janine Chalk (Ph.D., CASHP, The George Washington University, 2011)

    • Tuanan Orangutan Research Project (TORP)

    • headshot_astri_zulfaAstri (Achi) Zulfa, Masters Student, Universitas Indonesia, Tuanan Project Coordinator M.S. Biology, Indonesia University B.S. Biology, Universitas Nasional Jakarta

      Research Interests: orangutans nutrition, sex differences in energy intake and travel patterns, stable isotopes, food mechanics

      About me: Achi is currently our project manager and is based in Jakarta. She is in charge of coordinating our USAID funded efforts.

    • headshot_sofi_rohmatSofi Rohmat, B.S. Biology, started Master’s degree, Universitas Nasional Jakarta, Past Environmental Project Manager

      Research Interests: orangutan conservation, environmental education

    • headshot_zoe_maxonZoe Maxon, B.A. Anthropology, University of California Santa Cruz, Past Field Manager

      Research Interests: orangutan nutrition, stable isotope ecology, orangutan foraging decisions and cognitive maps

      About me: Zoe was in Indonesia at the Tuanan Field Station for 24 months. She was examining orangutan foraging patterns and helping run the environmental education program.

    • Past Master’s Students

    • Janneka van Woerden (Masters Thesis Co-advisor, University of Utrecht)

      Anne van der Sluis (Masters Thesis Co-advisor, University of Utrecht)

    • Past Undergraduate Students

    • Christina Thumann (Rutgers University)
    • John P. Calcitrai (Rutgers University)
    • Laila Brahmia (Rutgers University)
    • Kieran Buckley (Rutgers University)
    • Emily Martinez (Rutgers University)
    • Daniel Naumenko (Rutgers University)
    • Mary Piechowicz (Rutgers University)
    • Jessica Azer (Rutgers University)
    • Alexandra Fanuka (Rutgers University)
    • Afiqah Mizan  (Rutgers University)
    • Rensa Chen (Rutgers University)
    • Pawel Sierardzy (Rutgers University)
    • Christopher Liptrot (Rutgers University)

    • Katherine Markham (The George Washington University)

      Alysse Moldawer (The George Washington University)

      Katherine Baritell (University of California – Santa Cruz)

      Andrew Cunningham (University of California – Santa Cruz)

      Rebecca Hendershott (University of California – Santa Cruz)

      Matthew Hernandez (University of California – Santa Cruz)

      Tremain P. Jones (University of California – Santa Cruz)

      Jennifer Rovenpera (University of California – Santa Cruz)

      Kaitlin Rikeman (University of California – Santa Cruz)

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