Bornean Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF)

Our lab supports the Bornean Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS). Established in 1991, the overall goal of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation is to conserve the endangered Bornean orangutan and their natural habitat in collaboration with local communities and other stakeholders.

During the 1990’s the BOS Foundation established two Orangutan Reintroduction Centers, one in Central Kalimantan situated at Nyaru Menteng, and one in East Kalimantan located at Samboja Lestari. These have collectively become the world’s largest primate rehabilitation program, caring for a total of almost 850 individual orangutans.

The BOS Foundation activities focus on the rescue, rehabilitation and release back to natural habitat, wild-born ex-captive orangutans displaced by habitat loss and hunting. In addition, working with a range of government authorities the BOS Foundation have translocated hundreds of wild orangutans from areas of conflict, such as newly cleared land for oil palm, to areas which are protected. The BOS Foundation continues to monitor the progress of those animals to ensure their continued survival and health.

Habitat conservation is at the heart of our activities, both within the Mawas Conservation Area in Central Kalimantan where the Tuanan Research Station is situated and also through areas acquired by our company, PT Restorasi Habitat Orangutan Indonesia (RHOI). PT. RHOI was established specifically to protect natural habitat and secure orangutan release sites. As such we recently acquired an Ecosystem Restoration Concession (ERC) in East Kalimantan totaling 86,450 ha and a similar site in Central Kalimantan is in the application process. These sites will provide habitat for our reintroduced orangutans and serve to protect new viable wild populations. To join or support BOSF, or to learn more about orangutans, please visit the BOSF website.

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