My collaborators and I are grateful for all of the wonderful support from institutions and funding agencies that sponsor our research projects.

usaidUSAID APS-497-11-000001 Supporting Universities to Partner Across the Pacific

have sponsored our research and education project titled “Promoting biodiversity sustainable management, and conservation of peat-swamp habitats though education and training partnerships”. This award, totaling 1.3 million dollars, will fund research efforts, conservation, and education of undergraduate and graduate students at Rutgers’s University and Universitas Nasional Jakarta working at the Tuanan Orangutan Research Station in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

national_science_fdnThe National Science Foundation through the Physical Anthropology Program, Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences

supported my research on capuchin monkeys from 2001-2003 [BSC-0120250] and currently supports our work on geographic variation in orangutan diet selection [BSC-0643122]. This funding also supports Indonesian students from the Universidad Nasional Jakarta.

leakey_headerThe Leakey Foundation

has supported Erin Vogel’s research on aggression in capuchin monkeys (2000-2002) and geographic variation in orangutan diet selection (2005-2006), as well as Vogel and Dominy’s research on New World monkey color vision. The Leakey Foundation is also funding a new project of ours titled “Linking Feeding Ecology and Craniodental Morphology in Wild Orangutans: A Quantitative Approach” (2007-2009).

denver_zooThe Denver Zoological Society

supports my research in Central Kalimantan and has aided in the contruction of a new field site run by Meredith Bastian in Central Kalimantan (2005).

organization_for_tropical_studiesThe Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS)

supported the field component of my research on food competition in capuchin monkeys (1999-2001).

us_dept_of_educationThe U.S. Department of Education program for Graduate Aid in Areas of National Need

supported my research on the ecological basis of food related aggression in capuchin monkeys (1999-2000).

wenner-gren_foundationThe Wenner-Gren Foundation

supports research conducted by Nathanial Dominy on the physical properties of hominid foods (2006-2007).

Final_Signiture_of_WWB_minius_fish_wildlife_svc_2005The USFWS Great Apes Grant

funds our environmental education project at three schools along the Kapuas River in Central Kalimantan. Click “here” to read more about our ongoing education efforts around the Tuanan Orangutan Field Station.

stony_brook_univThe Department of Ecology and Evolution at Stony Brook University

supported my disseration research on capuchin monkeys through two grants: The Slobodkin Research Award (1999) and the Sokal Travel Award (1999).

unas_jakartaThe Universidad Nasional-Jakarta

is our counterpart institution for all of our work in Indonesia. We collaborate with Dr. Suci Utami Atmoko and Drs. Tatang Mitra-Setia and several of their undergraduate and Master’s students. Rutgers University and UNAS signed a formal MOU in August 2011 to pursue collaborative research efforts in Central Kalimantan.

univ_of_zurichThe University of Zurich

In 2005, I was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Zurich working for Dr. Carel van Schaik. The University of Zurich continues to support research efforts at the Tuanan Orangutan Field Station. Currently, I have a collaborative research agreement with the University of Zurich for our joint work with the Tuanan Orangutan Research Project.

The A.H. Schultz Foundation

The A.H. Schultz Foundation in collaboration with Dr. Prof. Carel P. van Schaik (Anthropological Institute, University of Zurich) has supported my research in Central Kalimantan from 2005-2006. The Schultz Foundation currently supports many aspects of our collaborative research.

institute_pertanian_bogorThe Institute Pertanian Bogor

has facilitated the training of Indonesian students working with urine and fecal samples collected as part of the Tuanan Orangutan Research Project. They have also facilitated the established of collection permits and export permits for biological samples.

borneo_orang_survival_fdnThe Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation

provides logistical support for our research at Tuanan. They have been fundamental in facilitating our research efforts and recently we have joined efforts to implement an environmental education project in the Kapuas River region.

indonesian_institute_scienceLIPI (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia; (Indonesian Institute of Sciences)

has actively sponsored and facilitated our research on orangutan foraging behavior in Central Kalimantan. In addition, under the guidance of Dr. Wartika Rosa (Director of the LIPI nutritional laboratory) we have had all of our orangutan food samples analyzed for nutritional components.

phkaristekKementerian Riset dan Teknologi (RISTEK)

has actively supported our research efforts and facilitated the scientific research process in Indonesia. The Kementerian Kehutanan Republik Indonesia (PHKA) has provided us with letters of support necessary for our research and the exportation of biological samples to the United States and Zurich.

philadelphia_zooThe Philadelphia Zoo

In 2012, The Philadelphia Zoo generously started to fund the research and environmental educational efforts at Tuanan. We are grateful for their funding and support of the Tuanan Orangutan Research Project.


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