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Interested in volunteering in the Vogel Lab? Please contact Dr. Erin Vogel for more information at erin.vogel@rutgers.edu. Below is a brief description of what volunteers do in the lab and in the field.

Laboratory Volunteers: I accept undergraduate volunteers to train in the lab. We take volunteers through the ARESTY program, with applications typically due towards the end of the Spring semester in April. Please check the listings for these positions. In addition, we do sometimes take additional volunteers in the laboratory. Students typically conduct independent research projects or work together with graduate students in the laboratory on their dissertation projects. Students learn basic laboratory techniques including pipetting, serial dilutions, and basic laboratory chemistry. More advanced students work with graduate students and learn techniques such as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), Radioimmunoassay (RIA), and prepping samples for stable isotope analyses. We primarily work with primate urine samples in the laboratory. Additionally, student volunteers conduct data entry and analyses as part of their laboratory rotations.

Field Volunteers: The Tuanan Orangutan Research Project also accepts volunteers to go to Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. We require a minimum of a six month commitment. Volunteers typically pay all expenses although in some cases some expenses may be covered. While Tuanan is an extremely exciting field site to study orangutans and hosts one of the highest densities of orangutans in Indonesia, Tuanan is also a very remote and difficult field site. Thus, we typically do not except volunteers who do not have prior field experience in the tropics. If you are interested in volunteers for TORP, please contact Dr. Erin Vogel directly for more information.


Postdoctoral fellow and USAID Project Manager Dr. Wendy Erb, following Niko at Tuanan


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